Bonner to JN with great news about changes at INSS

Bonner to JN with great news about changes at INSS

National Council for Social securityIt also decided that financial institutions must provide a minimum funeral allowance and life insurance to beneficiaries of the scheme INSS. The deadline for banks to adapt to these new requirements is 30 days.

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How to retire due to contribution time?

Contribution time for retirement, as many know, was a benefit aimed at workers who had completed the necessary contribution time in INSS.

Now, according to the new rules proposed by the 2019 pension reform, this advantage no longer exists. But this will not happen overnight. For this reason, so-called transition rules were created.

In this text we will understand how these rules work, what are their requirements and how to choose the most useful one for your case.

INSS (Image: Reproduction, IforMoney)
INSS (Image: Reproduction, IforMoney)

As mentioned earlier, from now on, there will no longer be any type of retirement that only requires contribution time as a condition. But what happens to policyholders who already contribute?

However, workers approaching retirement may fall under one of the transitional rules. Suggestions. In addition, there are four retirement contributions based on the length of contribution:

  • In points
  • According to the minimum age;
  • 50% toll;
  • And finally 100%.
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As the name suggests, it is a form of gradual transition between the old and new rules, in order to reduce the impact on the insured person’s retirement.

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