Bolsonaro’s lawyer’s sarcasm reinforces the political aspect of Scheherazade’s expulsion

Bolsonaro’s lawyer’s sarcasm reinforces the political aspect of Scheherazade’s expulsion

“You can put my name on the field. I was not afraid of the President of the Republic, will I be afraid of you?” said Rachel Scheherazade in an interview with Jenny Miranda on the “A Fazenda 15” program.

Previously, the former SBT Brasil broadcaster commented with allies Andre Gonçalves and Lucas Souza regarding the alleged interference by then-President Jair Bolsonaro and Communications Minister Fabio Wajngarten, in the journalism of the station owned by former Bolsonaro supporter Silvio Saintes. .

“The President of the Republic is calling for a complaint. The Minister of Communications in the last government called the radio. ‘If I want to broadcast it and if I don’t want to broadcast it.’ It was like this,” he said. “I lived with a rope around my neck.”

As soon as Scheherazade’s expulsion was confirmed on Thursday afternoon (19), due to the alleged physical assault on her rival Jenny, Wagengarten, who now works as Bolsonaro’s legal advisor, made a sarcastic comment against the rival.

“To my friends who are TV and entertainment columnists: A gentleman former celebrity journalist, and former reality show participant who was always critical of and stigmatized the right, broke the rules of the reality show and was fired. Is this the right production?” he wrote: “The one who honks a lot, and pretends to be a vigilante.” He will never be expelled…”

Rachel’s declared opposition to Bolsonaro – who was supported by Bishop Edir Macedo, the global church leader and record holder – raised suspicions among her fans about political contamination in her turbulent exit from the rural reality where she was favorite to win. Countless posts about it have appeared on X (formerly Twitter), TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

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It should be noted that, at this moment, there is no indication of any irregularity in the decision to remove her from the program. Scheherazade actually put her hand on Jenny’s face, as shown in the picture shown on television. Such a gesture can be interpreted as aggression.

Oddly enough, the more serious events in other versions – such as Dado Dolabella’s flogging of Miro Moreira in “A Fazenda 1” – did not result in the same extreme punishment.

The only certainty is that rivalry between Bolsonaristas and non-Bolsonaristas has engulfed the “A Fazenda 15” headquarters. Twelve months after the most tense presidential elections since the country’s democratization, a hostile climate persists and leads to toxic politicization even in a popular program that should only serve to entertain people.

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Rachel Scheherazade in front of Fabio Wajngarten’s post: Politics invaded the front door of the movie “A Fazenda 15”

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