Bloober Team kept Silent Hill 2 remake from being too different

Bloober Team kept Silent Hill 2 remake from being too different
Credits: Disclosure/Konami

Although it changed issues like character characterization and camera angles, the Bloober team has ensured that the Silent Hill 2 remake will be very faithful to the original game. According to franchise producer, Motoi Okamoto, The studio's decisions conflicted with Konami's decisionswhose members were hoping to see more changes.

In an interview with Famitsu, Okamoto explained that many members of the game's original team continue to work for Konami. Moreover, figures such as character designer Masahiro Ito and composer Akira Yamaoka were also involved in the project, and wanted to take advantage of it to bring more news.

Game creators don't want to do the same thing twice. I think like the original creators, they had a lot of parts they wanted to changeOkamoto explained. This is confirmed, in the end, by those responsible for reproducing Silent Hill 2 It ended up following the path decided by the Bloober team.

The Silent Hill 2 remake promises great fidelity

This was thanks to the opinions of the Bloober team, who are huge fans of the original game, as the remake is very faithful to the original game.“, promised the Konami producer. This means that the new experience will keep the narrative elements intact, as well as issues such as a simple interface and providing some guidance.

Bloober Team kept Silent Hill 2 remake from being too differentBloober Team kept Silent Hill 2 remake from being too different
Image: Disclosure/Konami

Meanwhile, the Silent Hill 2 remake promises revised combat, which will make great use of a new camera placed on the shoulders of protagonist James. The developers also promise to bring some updates to the dialoguesAnd eliminates some translation problems of the original game.

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The latest trailer for the game was released on May 30, causing some controversy due to the personality of some of the characters. The full version will arrive on October 8 with versions for PC and PlayStation 5, including a Deluxe Edition that guarantees 48 hours early access, and is already on pre-sale.

source: Bolt Games

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