Blizzard has just revived a game that was buried

Blizzard has just revived a game that was buried

to remember Heroes of the Storm? If the answer is no, don’t worry. Blizzard brutally abandoned the MOBA recently, banning support but keeping it active for players who still want to fill it in game by game.

It seems that the title has disappeared permanently after a not very exciting life, but surprisingly, a few hours ago the software house published a patch.

As always, Blizzard initially focused a lot on intellectual property, complete with tools and novelties of various kinds, but there has been a gradual abandonment over time.

Then, in July 2022, confirmation that concrete support for the MOBA game was being dropped came through Official note on the website.

“Going forward, we will support Heroes in the same way as our other legacy games, StarCraft and StarCraft II,” Blizzard said at the time, adding: “Future patches will focus primarily on client sustainability and bug fixes, with balance updates arriving.” as it is required.”

But, Blizzard recently released A very cool patch for Heroes of the Storm The community is once again hoping that something will happen to their favorite MOBA. The patch that arrived alongside another update last September has already given fans a spark of vitality.

Blizzard announced the new update to the

Obviously, no new content, maps or heroes have been announced, but a series of balances and a series of technical fixes have been implemented, which is what Blizzard has always promised.

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But that didn’t stop fans from responding to the post with boundless enthusiasm, perhaps also motivated by the recent revival of Blizzard, which seems to have gained independence after becoming part of Xbox.

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