Big Fone will play five times with a flip and a wall; Find out when · TV news

Big Fone will play five times with a flip and a wall;  Find out when · TV news

JB Oliveira, known as Boninho, announced on Thursday (29) that the Big Fone will ring five times during the weekend on BBB 24. The first four times, the participant who answers it will hear the noise of a busy line. He will play a fifth time at 5:20pm on Sunday (3) to put a “lucky person” on the wall.

The Globo manager provided details about the dynamics on his official Instagram profile. He said: “Don't bother me and I will catch you, my daughter. They keep poking me, these people on the Internet. Am I going to fall? I have fallen. I have fallen and I will troll them again.” .

“Did your cell phone ring and nothing came? That's what would happen at home. We would call Big Fone five times. When they answered, the house would be busy. There would be no one to tell you anything,” he added.

He concluded: “On the other hand, on Sunday at 5:20 pm, whoever insists on responding: Be careful, you are on the wall.”

The rules of dynamics will be explained by Tadeo Schmidt in the live edition on Thursday, which also includes another pilot test.

BBB until 2027?

JP Oliveira, known as Boninho, has confirmed that he will continue to lead the show Big Brother Brasil, on Globo, until 2027. According to him, Tadeo Schmidt will also continue to host the reality show for the next three seasons. They both celebrated over lunch on Thursday (29).

The information was shared by Boninho in a post on his Instagram profile. In addition to Schmidt, Rodrigo Dorado, artistic director of BBB, and Mariana Monaco, production director, were confirmed to remain.

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“To the harmony of the House and this team that will be together for three more editions. That's right, towards BBB 27. And who knows 28, 29… I want to reach 30”, commented Ana Furtado's husband.

According to the F5 website, this month Globo will hold advanced talks with Endemol Shine Brasil, the representative of the Dutch production company that created the reality format, to renew the production rights. The BBB has been on the air since 2002, and the current agreement runs through 2025. The idea for both is to extend the relationship for another three years, until 2028.

Hey the news I tried to contact Globo to find out if the agreement with Bonino, Schmidt, Dorado and Mariana had been formalized. The broadcaster did not respond at the time of publishing the text.

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