Biden says COP26 should be starting point in fighting climate

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Glasgow (UK), November 1 (EFE). US President Joe Biden on Monday called for the 26th United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26), to be held in Glasgow, UK, as the starting point for a period of ambition and innovation. .

“This is the decade that will define future generations. It is the decisive decade, in which we have the opportunity to prove that we can maintain the 1.5 degree target,” said the head of government, referring to the target set in Paris. Global Warming Agreement.

Biden noted that climate change is “not a hypothetical thing” but affects the lives of many people every day, including, citing uncontrollable fires, floods and droughts recently recorded in the United States.

“None of us can escape the worst of what is to come, if we do not succeed in taking advantage of this moment,” the US President said in a speech at the opening of the twenty-sixth session of the Conference of the Parties.

Biden announced that the United States will launch during the conference new initiatives, joining those announced in recent months, in the sectors of agriculture, fossil fuels and combating deforestation.

For the US president, the recent rise in energy prices demonstrates the need for action and progress in developing renewable energy sources.

In addition, Biden also wanted to present the search for a green economy as a “fantastic opportunity,” which he categorized as a “moral imperative, but also an economic imperative,” thanks to the creation of new jobs in various sectors.

The President of the United States called on other rich countries to provide financial support to low-income countries.

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He stressed that “those responsible for deforestation bear a heavy responsibility towards them. There is no time left for setbacks or for fighting among us.” EFE

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