Biden calls Macron after the former president who died in 1996

Biden calls Macron after the former president who died in 1996

François Mitterrand ruled France from 1981 to 1995; The statement has been corrected in the White House transcript

US President Joe Biden, 81, made a gaffe and named Emmanuel de Macron, the current president of France, after former French president François Mitterrand, who died in 1996. The remark came during a campaign event in Las Vegas on Sunday (February 4, 2024).

Biden's statement was corrected in the text published by the White House. At that time, the US President announced a meeting with G7 leaders in June 2021.

The country was, Biden reportedly said at the meeting “behind” To the international arena after isolation during the period of Republican Donald Trump. Then he said his comment would have received a response from “Mitterand Germany” – when he was actually referring to France's Macron.

Read the transition that was corrected and released by the White House:

François Mitterrand was President of France from 1981 to 1995 for the Socialist Party. During his presidency, France deepened its relations with the European Union. He died in January 1996, a victim of prostate cancer.

Since the beginning of his term, Biden's opponents have used the mistakes made by the American CEO to criticize him. In posts on social media, voters on the American right described Biden as a… “senility”, “Confused” that it “crazy”Mentioning his age to enhance speech.

Read more about the gaffes Joe Biden has already made:

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