Berbatov says Cavani should accept Barcelona and leave the Premier League

Berbatov says Cavani should accept Barcelona and leave the Premier League

With the soccer tournaments in Brazil over and other European leagues resting due to the Christmas festivities, fans of the world’s most popular sports will focus on the English Premier League, and the tour promises exciting matches on Christmas Day. . boxing day, famous in England for presenting football to British fans at all times on television.

In the United Kingdom, Boxing Day (observed on December 26), in addition to being a banking and religious holiday – Saint Stephen’s Day, is also a commemorative date in the sport, with the full round taking place the day after Christmas festivities. There will be nine valid matches for the last round of the first round of the Premier League.

The highlight of the tour will be the matches of Gabriel Jesus, the leader of Manchester City, against Leicester, who is in the ninth place, while the deputy captain of Liverpool, the Firmino striker, will face the Leeds United team, Ravenha, who is currently 16th in the English Premier League. The round ends on Monday (27) with Manchester United facing CR7 Newcastle player at the opponent’s home.

Berbatov analyzes the moment of Edinson Cavani

In an interview with Betfair, former Bulgarian striker Dimitar Berbatov, a much-loved player at Manchester United and Tottenham, analyzed Spurs’ moment in the English Premier League: “It was great to see the passion and struggle in the show against Liverpool. It’s a different way of playing, there’s more discipline.” They still have a lot of work to do, but Antonio Conte’s style is starting to show and he has had positive results in the match against Liverpool,” he analyzed. “The passion is back at Spurs, but the presentation needs to improve,” said the ace.

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Berbatov also spoke to Betfair about the future of Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani, who is currently at Manchester United: “I think Cavani should take Barcelona’s money and leave. Despite the good season last time, Cavani did not play enough. When someone like Cristiano Ronaldo enters, To the club, he highlights everything and plays all the matches and in the world of football that happens. It’s not a fair situation because Cavani played well with the team last season, but Ronaldo secures his place in the team. It’s not fair, but it happens in football. If there is a chance that Cavani will leave the club, if there is an offer from Barcelona, ​​he will definitely consider taking him to get more football, and if he gets more playing time in La Liga I will do it. Support him and say: Go there and play, It sounds like a lot, a lot of money and you’re not 24 anymore,” said the Bulgarian.

“Barcelona need a striker and it all depends on what Xavi wants from his team and how he will play. But if their strength is low at first, I can see Cavani going there, not playing every game, but he will be strong in signing and scoring goals because that’s what he does wherever Gone,” Berbatov explained.

See matches and odds for each team on Boxing Day, according to Betfair

26.12 – Wolves (55.6%) x Watford (25%), Empires (33.3%)

Liverpool (83.3%) x Leeds (6,25%), Empire (12.5%)

Norwich (14.29%) x Arsenal (70.42%), Impat (25%)

Tottenham (58.82%) x Crystal Palace (21.05%) Imperial (26.67%)

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Burley (41.67%) x Everton (33.33%), tie (33.33%).

Manchester City (86.21%) x Leicester (7.14%), Empire (14,29%).

West Ham (58.82%) x Southampton (23.53%), Empire (26.67%)

Aston Villa (20%) x Chelsea (60.61%), Impat (27.78%)

Brighton (52.36%) x Brentford (25%), Empire (29,41)

27.12 – Newcastle (16.67%) x Manchester United (69.44%), Empire (21.74%)

Odds or nickname

With the end of the Premier League looming, according to Betfair analysis, Manchester City have a 76.92% chance of finishing the Premier League. The second place was the Liverpool City team with a 22.22% chance of winning, while the Champions League champions Chelsea came in third place with 8.33%. Cristiano Ronaldo’s team is still in fourth place with just 0.57%.

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