Ben Affleck says, Team Justice was a low career

Ben Affleck says, Team Justice was a low career

About to get Batman’s cowl back for the last time in the light, who debuted this year, superstar Ben Affleck opened his heart with Los Angeles Times About what he claimed was the lowest point of his career in comic book films: Behind the scenes Justice Squad (2017).

“For me, the Justice League was rock bottom. It was a bad experience due to a combination of many things: my personal life, my divorce, being apart all the time, conflicting schedules, and then Zack’s personal tragedy. [Snyder, primeiro diretor do filme que se afastou após sua filha, Autumn, cometer suicídio em 2017] rewrite it”, summarizes Affleck. “It was just the worst experience. It was horrible. It was everything I didn’t like. That was the moment I said the word ‘Bast.’ It wasn’t even about Justice League being bad, because it could have been anything.”.

Fortunately, the actor has agreed to return to the role for one last time, assured that his appearance on The Flash will feature his favorite scenes wearing the hoodie to this day. In another interview, Awarded to the Herald SunThe actor said: I haven’t said this before, but probably my favorite scenes playing Batman, in terms of acting, are in The Flash. I hope they keep the integrity of the materials we made, because I found them to be excellent and interesting – different too, but not in a way that doesn’t go against the personality.“.

in a the lightAnd Maribel Verdu (Pan . mazeShe plays Nora Allen, the mother of The Flash, and Ron Livingston (Evil prayer) Henry Allen, father of the hero. Ben Affleck, who lived in the movie The Dark Knight Batman vs Superman And in two copies of Justice SquadHer comeback has also been confirmed, as well Michael Keaton, which was Bruce Wayne in it Batman (1989) e Batman: Back (1992).

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the light Has a premiere date for November 4, 2022.

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