Belo Gracyanne watch confirms the presence of tumor inside the dwelling and sadness

Gracyanne Barbosa e Belo (Foto: Reprodução)

In 2012, Gracyanne Barbosa and Belo made their relationship official and became one of the most popular couples. Side by side for years, they reveal the best outcome of their relationship.

However, celebrities also have to deal with it Problems from life. A while ago, they saw a member of the household suffering from cancer, which made everyone depressed.

At the end of last year, Gracian Barbosa said about the illness of her four-legged heiress, Pia. In a wrenching internet outburst, the artist’s wife commented on her dog’s brain tumor and collapsed. “This week has been a very difficult one, a whirlwind of sensations inside me, my warrior, my angel, underwent a very lobotomy,” explained Gracian Barbosa.

She said the dog’s disease was insidious, so grief took over her home. “She had her leg amputated and she showed once again how strong she is,” the artist said. Finally, the muse told how she adopted the animal. “Bella was abandoned as a puppy and we found her on the street, full of mud, all filthy. She chose me to be her mother and the boy of unconditional love was born there!”, explained Gracian Barbosa.

The bankruptcy of Bello and Gracian Barbosa

However, this wasn’t the only time Bello went through tough times in their personal lives. For those who don’t remember, the celebrity was already imprisoned and bankrupt. And it happens that his accounts have been suspended, because the judiciary is preventing his income while not paying what he owes.

Other than that, Gracian Barbosa’s husband is in debts in the millions with Denilson. In 1999, artist “Jogo Aberto” acquired the rights to the band “Soweto”, but soon after, the singer decided to leave the band, much to the surprise of Denílson. However, the athlete did not leave the matter and went to court against the husband of Gracian Barbosa.

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According to “Isto É”, the boy’s debts are more than 5 million riyals.

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