Bellarmine dies in Renasser? Coronel puts an end to Firmino and is ambushed · TV News

Bellarmine dies in Renasser?  Coronel puts an end to Firmino and is ambushed · TV News

Belarmino (Antonio Caloni) will try to get rid of José Inocencio (Humberto Carrao), but he will face the worst of it and end up with a tragic end in the Renaissance. The Colonel will be tricked by the good guy, sell his land and even fall into a deadly ambush. But first, he will drag Firmino (Enrique Diaz) to hell in the 9 o'clock Globo series.

In Saturday's episode (27), Nina's husband (Quiteria Kelly) will be lurking in the middle of the forest, waiting for the enemy. The villain will shoot with all his might at José Inocencio, who will fall from his horse, seriously injured.

The mustachioed man will believe he killed his neighbor – and it gets worse when Diocletiano (Adanello) and Gubara (Evaldo Macarão) call him awake. But all this will be a farce by the clever little colonel.

At the funeral, Bellarmino will boast, even say, that he bought José Inocencio's ranch before he was killed. The unscrupulous man will still brag and admit to Firmino that he is responsible for the attack.

Maria's lover Santa (Duda Santos) will hear the confession and rise from the coffin. Everyone will be scared when they see the little boy alive.

In revenge, José Inocencio will force God Almighty to sell his ranch to him. Bellarmino will be angry and humiliated, but there will be no way out.

Who kills Bellarmine?

The scoundrel will continue to vent his anger on Firmino and set a trap for the mediator. However, on his way home, the Colonel ends up dead in an ambush. Nina will be shocked when she sees the bodies of Belarmino and Firmino in Tuesday's episode (30).

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Despite people's doubts, José Inocencio would swear to officials that he had not killed his enemies. The boy will still convince Nina to sell the property to him.

The cocoa producer would then gift Deocleciano and Jupará the former Belarmino lands. The two will move to the farm when they marry Morena (Uliana Lima) and Flor (Julia Lemos), respectively.

Renascer, written by Bruno Loberi, is an adaptation of Benedetto Rui Barbosa's 1993 work. As in Pantanal (2022), the author intends to follow his grandfather's original plot and make some changes to the story.

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