'Being poor does not give you the right' · TV News

'Being poor does not give you the right' · TV News

Rodriginho complained that Beatrice Reis ignored him on BBB 24. According to the singer, the saleswoman usually does not greet him when the two are in the same room at home. “Being poor does not give you the right to be uneducated,” he said on Tuesday (30).

During a conversation with MC Bin Laden, Albagodero commented that the fact that his sister has a history of overcoming obstacles does not allow her to act in any way.

“Pia, for example, told me her whole story and I think it's really bad. She and Alan were there today, and I said good morning, and she didn't answer me. The fact that she is poor, she has succeeded in life and being busy is nice, but that does not give her the right to Be uneducated. I think Brazil should care about these things too, it makes me want to talk and I will leave it.”

Bin Laden responded: “There are times when she passes by me and she doesn't say good morning either. What I feel is that she only talks to me more when I talk to her.”

This was not the first time the pagodero had criticized the vendor. At another point, it was stated that the sister engaged in coercive behavior to attract public attention.

“I've been able to take more, I've been there for two weeks. Everyone knows I couldn't take it. I can't take it, I'm sorry. I can't take this 'Brazil, Brazil'. It doesn't happen all the time anymore,” he said. For me, this is mandatory.”

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Fernanda Pandey agreed: “How can it be funny for some people, and for others it's a mess, right? Her little friends laugh. It's not cool, no, it's really boring. It can be from time to time, but it always is.” “.

Rodriginho also assessed that Beatrice can be a positive example for viewers of the reality show, but nonetheless, she has disturbing attitudes. He added: “He has a wonderful life story, but he doesn't need it. So that bothers me.”

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