Beautiful? Huawei P50 is shown in real photos that confirm the design and the glossy rear unit

Beautiful?  Huawei P50 is shown in real photos that confirm the design and the glossy rear unit

Update (04/30/21) – JB

Huawei is trying to survive in the smartphone and Globally, the brand has become local. This is because recent rumors indicate that the manufacturer should only sell the new P50 line in its home country.

However, the devices are still intriguing to tech enthusiasts. In a leak published this week, a well-known Chinese source released photos Supposed display Huawei P50 There is no real world.

The design of this device corresponds to what was previously leaked, and the back comes with a hole Camera module known as “dual loop”. see below:

For now, the source has not yet revealed the accuracy of the new P50 cameras. However, it is interesting to note that this device should also attend 6.3-inch screen with built-in fingerprint reader.

Other details revealed by the photos that you can check below. The screen contains the traditional opening to accommodate the selfie camera, and the screen also highlights the use of HarmonyOS to replace the Android system.

So far, the The launch date of the P50 line remains uncertain. In any case, this may change within the next few days, as Huawei is already preparing to roll out HarmonyOS and the P50 line should be launched alongside the new one.

Huawei P50: after reporting

April 09

Presumed protection

April 08

Updated (04/15/2021) by LL

Due to US sanctions, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei is facing problems in producing smartphones due to a shortage of components and only wants to survive through 2021. Even the Chinese government has started a project to develop 100% local supply chainOthers, like Xiaomi, have already Seek to create their own chips.

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Although, Huawei has mentioned She has enough chips To meet the demand for the P50 line, which appears to have already started mass production and is about to launch, it appears that things are not going well.

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Economy and the market
April 14

Huawei P50: after reporting

April 09

New rumors indicate that there are no components to manufacture smartphones Huawei P50And the P50 Pro e P50 Pro Plus It will restrict the main family. Only one million units It will be produced, and perhaps Only one or two models Family members are already reaching the market.

Moreover, it appears that the new smartphones do not He will leave China, It is limited to the local market. The news should come with Huawei’s operating system, which is HarmonyOSIt is scheduled to certify in June or July and arrive on the shelves in August.

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April 13

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April 15

Updated (03/16/2021) by LL

New rumors about the launch of the Huawei P50 line, this time from a source already experienced with leaks from the brand, indicate that the smartphones will arrive in May. The rumor was spread on the Chinese social network Weibo.

Apparently, mass production has begun, the new family of devices will consist of Huawei P50And the P50 Pro e P50 Pro Plus.

newly, Pictures and details of the P50 Pro model It was announced on the Internet. In terms of materials, the device will use a glass back and a metal frame, providing a slightly curved 6.6-inch screen, plus the smartphone’s rear cameras attract a lot of attention due to its two massive circular design. Numbers.

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Huawei P50 Pro

The other configurations that we already know about the P50 Pro is that the device will have a digital sensor on the screen, dual speakers at the top and bottom, a front camera in the form of a hole in the upper part of the screen and a slim design. . Dimensions of the device are: 159 x 73 x 8.6 mm (10.3 mm in the rear sensor area).

Updated (02/19/21) by JB

delay! Rumors say that Huawei is delaying the launch of the P50 family

As much as many rumors suggest that the launch of the Huawei P50 line may continue in March, the sources operating in the Chinese giant’s production chain are not in line with expectations. This is because the company has ordered a lot of parts, but mass production is just beginning.

With that, instead of launching the new P. 50And the P50 Pro e P50 Pro Plus Already next month, the manufacturer may end up delaying the announcement of smartphones For mid-April or even May. In parallel, other known dropouts also confirmed these new expectations.

Huawei is even ready to start shipping smartphones, but the delay in production should make the launch in March impossible. This should cause the company to announce the P50 line in late April or early May.

Despite the supposed production delay, the P50 line must bet on the premium features to at least win the Chinese audience. Therefore, we can expect a higher quality screen, New lens system for cameras And even resources aimed at the audience of players.

The standard Huawei P50 should use the Kirin 9000E processor, while the P50 Pro and Pro Plus should use the others It hits the market with the Kirin 9000.

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February 18.

Beautiful?  Huawei P50 is shown in real photos that confirm the design in

Economy and the market
April 30

Original text (02/16/21)

After the founder of Huawei confirmed that The company will not abandon the smartphone market, Rumors of the P50 family launch are resurfacing. Yesterday (15) we saw that this year’s models You should have more powerful cameras.

Now, a known leak has reported that the streak The P50 is ready to go into production. This is because the prototypes have already been completed, and this year we will have three devices:

The most curious point is that The P50 should become the minimalist modelWhile the Pro eventually became the ‘standard’. On the other hand, the Pro Plus will be equivalent to the previous generation’s Pro model.

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February 11.


February 10.

Another important detail about the new smartphones It still includes a quality screen Excellent and good refresh rate, cameras with more sensitive sensors and more resources aimed at the player’s audience.

Now, when it comes to a possible release date, a leak is still asserting that chances are the hardware exists Presented between 26-28 March. However, we must warn that we are only talking about another rumor.

So far, Huawei has not yet commented on when the P50 line will be made official, nor has it commented on various rumors, so we can only wait for the next steps of the Chinese giant.

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