BBB24: The Party Has a Buddha Feeling, The Sister Almost Gives Up and Daffy's Doubts About Pedro Sampaio; He watches

BBB24: The Party Has a Buddha Feeling, The Sister Almost Gives Up and Daffy's Doubts About Pedro Sampaio;  He watches

An early morning filled with obsessions, almost surrender, and even a message to Anita on “BBB 24”! On Saturday night (9), the detainees enjoyed an exciting show by Pedro Sampaio. However, the offer was not enough to encourage Bittel, who almost quit the reality show. Moreover, Buddha thought of Camila Mora, and Beatrice wondered, without mincing words, whether there was an “atmosphere” between Mateus and Isabel.

Pedro Sampaio rocks the house

The DJ was in charge of entertaining the brothers and sisters, and he did it beautifully! In addition to playing his hits like “POCPOC,” “Joga pra Lua,” and “Dançarina,” the artist made everyone dance. The participants got excited on the dance floor, and Alan showed all her flexibility! He watches:

Davey, in turn, showed jealousy of Isabelle only with the DJ! He was skeptical about Pedro Sampaio's intentions with Manawara. “Matthews, you're a man! Was the man looking at her with desire or not?“, said the driver. And Alegrete agreed! At another point, Bahian spoke of his preference for a partner from Manaus. paying off:

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Message to Anita

When “Vai Malandra” started playing at the party, Alane proposed to the song's owner! “Anita, stay with my girlfriend, please“She said, referring to Matthews.”Lie, it belongs to Annie (Denisian),” he added seconds later. She and her brother burst out laughing, then the woman from Pará added: “Annie would only open her doors to Anita… Oh, how contradictory I am… Annie, at times like these, works together to make me leave“. paying off:

Buddha's intuition

During the celebration, Lucas Henrique had feelings for Camila Moura, his now ex-wife. In an interview with Betel, he revealed that he was confused and did not know whether his partner would appear in the “Presente do Anjo” video. To calm him down, the sister said she was encouraging Camila to participate in the message.

what is he talking about?“I asked Giovanna.”Tomorrow in the “Anju” video, will Camila appear or not?“Said Buddha.”why do not you show?' asked Beetle.I don't know what appears there“, to reply. look:

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Beetle almost gave up

The social worker also thought about the reality show and a potential winner has already been chosen. According to her, Pia will be the winner of the award because a picture of her sister appeared on the big screen of the party. I vented about Buddha, Jasmine, and Lady Elaine. When Lucas said he would protect her, the sister denied his kindness. look:

The climate between Matthews and Isabel?

Another moment that marked the ceremony was when Beatrice put Matheus against the wall and asked him if there was a “vibe” between him and Isabel. “I'll say it because I'm brave: Is there an atmosphere between you and Isabelle?” asked the sister. Allegretti responded and quoted Denizian, with whom he participated in the reality show: “no! I would never be with anyone else, I was with Annie and I respect her very much. I respect that very much. She explained that we were outside to talk“.

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The saleswoman continued:What I feel sometimes is that Isabelle, I don't talk about my crushes on men and women. Only she can speak, she will know… But I feel, especially with Matthews… It was like that with Alan too, but with Alan she is more “broken”… It's as if she wants to get closer to him, but she's hesitant. with herself. i don't know why“. look:

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