BBB24: MC Bin Laden goes after Davey and production intervenes

BBB24: MC Bin Laden goes after Davey and production intervenes

The early hours of Tuesday 26th were crowded BBB24. After “Sincerão”, a fight between David that it MC Bin Laden It roused the brothers' spirits and forced the production team to intervene.

It all started after the live show, when Ben W Matthew They had a disagreement. With the intention of breaking up the fight, the Bahian got involved, but he ended up starting a quarrel with the São Paulo citizen.

“Otario, he cheated,” Daffy accused, angering the funk player. Ben replied: “Whatever you want, I want double, you comedian!”, to which his opponent replied: “You idiot.”

After that, the app driver continued to accuse the cabin of “cheating.” Fernanda Bande, Rodriginho that it BeetleThis was denied by the presenter: “I did not betray anyone, no.”

The other prisoners tried to break up the discussion, but the atmosphere became heated Lucas Buddha He fell into confusion. MC Bin Laden even attacked Davi, causing the puppets who were in the house to intervene due to the dynamics of “Sincerão”.

Moreover, moments later, it was done Big manager, top manager He spoke to the house in an angry tone of voice: “Be careful, Bin Laden: he is finished, he is stopped, he is finished. They are past the point.


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