BBB24: Mateusz's grandmother will get a new house in Allegretti, and his brother will receive a gift from the former director of Globo; He watches

BBB24: Mateusz's grandmother will get a new house in Allegretti, and his brother will receive a gift from the former director of Globo;  He watches

Throughout the 100 days of “BBB 24”, Mateus was always explaining his love for his grandmother, Doña Niosa, and his goal of buying her a new home. Despite winning second place on the reality show and winning R$150,000, the Gaucho will receive another boost. Eight companies from Alegrete, the city that came in second place, raised R$80,000 to buy the land and build the new headquarters.

In a joint post with the city of Alegrete, O Mundo do CTG profile explained that it created crowdfunding a month ago and brought companies together to make it happen. “This gift from Rio Grande is to you, my friend, for all you have done for our culture. Your little one's voice is your most precious asset, and she is sure to enjoy her new home very much.“, he wrote.

In the video, creator Juarez Junior explained that the action was also carried out in partnership with Jorge Sobrosa, owner of a construction company located in the city of Rio Grande do Sul. The company will be responsible for building the house. “Regardless of the outcome, this is our gift, Alegrete's gift to Matthews“Junior said. He watches:

In an interview with GZH, Juarez said the crowdfunding came about because the profile was used to share everything Mateus said about gaucho culture and customs on “BBB 24.” After the repercussions on social media, he decided to listen to the advice of a follower, who suggested: “Well, you can give Mateus' grandmother a house“.

From there, the creator called Sobrosa, who immediately agreed to participate in the event and build the new residence. However, when they broke the news to Ms. Nyoza, they discovered that the land on the family's current home did not belong to them. Then the fundraising began and each of the eight companies donated R$10,000.

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He will be able to use this money for himself (second place prize), and for his future, because Little Voice has a new land, and a new home. Work starts next week“, guaranteed Juarez. In January, Mateus' team showed what the housing in which the gaucho lives with his family looks like. He remembers:

Horses by Jaime Monjardim

Matthews' gifts did not stop there! In addition to what he also won on the reality show during the dynamics, the Gaucho won two fillies from former Globo manager, Jaime Monjardim. In an Instagram video, the director of hits like “O Clone” said he followed the runner-up's path on the show, and stated that he “deserved it very much.”

I hope that this gift that I give you will help you start your beautiful creation of Creole horses, these two foals, with all my love, with all my affection for you because you have accompanied your pure heart and your gaucho origin in these months, a case that considers mine too!“, wrote the director. paying off:

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