BBB24: Beatrice reveals the psychiatrist, and the camera cuts to the conversation

BBB24: Beatrice reveals the psychiatrist, and the camera cuts to the conversation

BBB24's Beatrice went viral on social media when she revealed an unusual behavior by a psychiatrist in a confessional. This action angered netizens on Friday (29).

In a conversation with Alan and Isabelle, Bea said she hugged the psychiatrist during the confessional. She was called by the reality production team and alerted by the professional.

Her friends asked Beatrice what was said in the confessional, and she replied that she noticed the way she used the toilet, as she used the toilet while sitting in a squatting position. “No, leave the toilet, right? Who's to blame?” He said.

Isabel asked if the psychiatrist had said anything specific about Pia, and the sister continued: “No. [Ela falou] Warn me, right? I want to stop…” he said without finishing the sentence.

“I was doing well, and then all of a sudden, I think it was anxiety. It started giving me a lot of anxiety and I actually…”

The three allies continued to talk about Pia's journey to confession. But what sparked controversy was the fact that the psychiatrist hugged her sister.

“Oh, I just hug her…and I see a different human being. I'm already in bad shape,” he said. Then, the cameras cut.

Social media users expressed their anger when they saw the video. “Strange because some ex-BBB people say no one sees the psychiatrist, and then suddenly she lets Pia go and hugs her… not even Carelli (director of the reality show A Fazenda) is blatantly manipulating her.”

“Liddy actually had an anxiety attack alone in the gnome's room and no one called her for help. Ben has had an anxiety attack several times, including feeling nauseous and vomiting.” “I didn't know there was physical contact! This blatant manipulation is a joke. “They make us look like fools!” one netizen shouted.

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