BBB22: Maria does not forgive and kicks Eliezer: “Situations say everything”

BBB22: Maria does not forgive and kicks Eliezer: "Situations say everything"

weather! Maria does not forgive and directly forgives Eliezer during the reunion in “BBB – A Eliminação”; Watch the video

the singer Marya Shine to a real peak with his previous relationship in the game Eliezer During “BBB – A Eliminação” on Wednesday (27). This is because she gave a kick like that to the last kick that was left out of the release while commenting on the “tamale” award the designer received.

The controversy began after the former sister revealed that she had given Eliezer the nickname Pamona. She tried to dodge the topic, but ended up cutting her ex-brother. “Do I really need to talk? I’m going to leave it up in the air. Guys, the situations at home after I leave say it all”, shooting.

Carioca was embarrassed by the star’s reaction and the other brothers took the opportunity to wave with their DR friends. It is worth noting that after the expulsion Marie Eliezer I ended up getting involved with him Natalia.



Last Wednesday (27), during the BBB Brothers Meeting: A Eliminação, the actor Arthur Agyar He decided to call for a truce and put an end to his competition with the influencer Jade Bacon.Now that BBB22 is over, Maíra Cardi’s husband has stated that he doesn’t intend to take any regrets from the show here.

to explain!

BBB22 Champion Arthur Aguiar did not fail to comment on the controversy surrounding his team and ally in Pedro Scooby in the final installment of Reality. At the time, his managers and even his wife, Myra Cardi, asked the surfer to leave on a crucial wall.

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