BBB22: Gustavo “walks out” Anitta and reacts to Laís’ video about “kissing for strategy”; Watch


Gustavo Marcingo was excluded fromBBB 22This Tuesday (19), with 81.53% of the vote. As is traditional, it was with Rafa Kaliman In the “BBB . network“And he had some surprises while chatting. Mainly involving your love life… as well as the vision les caldaswho had an affair with him inside global realityBrother finds out about the romantic interest of anything but… Anitaand was surprised to comment on it.

The production of the program showed a video recorded by the singer, in which she sings in Curitiba: “I wanted what Gustavo had with me there in that white room (sic) From inside, he prefers to wait to help him watch the match from inside the house.”. Shy and laughing, Gustavo apologized and threw a girl from Rio. “Anita, sorry, but you arrived late. Lace arrived earlier.”, He said. Hmmm!

The Curitiba native also witnessed a controversial scene, when Lais said Jade Bacon He would accept it as an in-game “strategy”. “Should you kiss? So let’s kiss to strategize. Look at what level we’ve come toThe doctor said in the video. Except that Gustavo did not shake the comment, see?! He realized that VT was before the couple’s first kiss and mentioned that he expected some sort of reaction. “It doesn’t surprise me”Sure.

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And the surprises didn’t stop there… Laís appeared there via a video call, telling Gustavo that she was waiting for him and that that I already met her mother-in-law. “I’ve already met [a sogra]And opinion ?! Personally, [e] I talk to her almost every day.”The doctor said. “That’s right, what a madness! Sandruka is a very good person.”The businessman replied.

Donna Sandra also came to say “hello” to her son and revealed that she already approved of the couple’s relationship. “It was a really cool surprise. I went to ‘Domingão com Huck’ to see Laís. They put me in the audience because it was a surprise for her. It was so cool”She remembered, leaving her son happy.

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