BBB22: A journalist reveals Ponneho’s strategy to elude the press and celebrities of the “Camarote” group. understand

BBB22: A journalist reveals Ponneho's strategy to elude the press and celebrities of the "Camarote" group.  understand

the “Brazil is the big brother“And speculation about which celebrity will be locked up is getting closer. Over the past month, several names have appeared on the lists and some have even spoken out loud, denying that they are on the list.”BBBIt turns out, according to Paolo Pacheco, journalist at the Observatório da TV portal, that this was a strategy of the head of reality, AttractiveTo get rid of the press and even who was invited to the house.

Big Boss has only started sharing cute spoilers in the past few days. Over the weekend, he left a big mystery for the audience to try to figure out some of the names of the “Camarote” group:2022-22 / who has / also has a BA / country has / has a recurring name / what about her / has two letters in the name / has it comes and goes / has a mother / has mixed people. after this, Of course the web already has its main bets.

The publication revealed that the director has only now identified who, in fact, will be limited to joining “Big Brother”, and that some of the names mentioned by journalists were not even considered on the program. jeez! In addition, only confirmed celebrities will be notified 72 hours before the official announcement of the participants, which should take place early next week. Anxiety hit immediately!

Boninho, the “big leader” of Big Brother Brazil. (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

This is because Boninho apparently wants to prevent the “Camarote” crew from preparing in advance for the program. Preferably everyone enters the game “raw”, to compete head-to-head with the non-famous. In this way, the director also intends to prevent celebrities from leaving pre-produced videos of the networks and even close advertising contracts due to their exposure in universal fact.

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Manu Javase He pioneered videos – a tactic that worked very well – and left 130 recorded posts so his team had material over the three months. This, of course, moved millions of followers. still inb b 20“, Bianca Andrade He also left everything ready, but left within the first month of holding. However, she advertises her makeup line quite a lot and has built a real empire here.

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Manu Javase in “BBB 20”. (Photo: Globo/Paolo Pilot)

In the past year, more and more celebrities have adopted Manu’s tactics and programmed content for their profiles. Including Carla DiazAnd Carol KonkaAnd Pokah e FayukBut the singer only made it to the final of the show and ended up winning third place.

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While January 17 hasn’t arrived, some celebrities are pretending about the possibility of their participation. MC Loma e Douglas SouzaThey even denied that they would be in the most guarded house in Brazil. The list of quoted names also includes: lexaAnd by FerreroMC Carroll, Elaine Roche, Rodrigo SimasAnd Aline scratchBlack He, Jonathan Azevedo, Arthur AgyarAnd Thiago AbravanelAnd Doda Race, Bruna Gonsalves, Joao Gilherme and Gustavo Tobarao. And now? Who enters?

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