BBB21: Viih Tube leaves Caio out of the VIP and sibling quests option

BBB21: Viih Tube leaves Caio out of the VIP and sibling quests option

After winning the leader race on Thursday (15th), inBBB21“, Viih tube He had to pick five other entrants to keep him companionship in the VIP, and he ended up just leaving GilbertoAnd the Phuk e Kayo.

Not choosing the latter, who put him in the podium game on Monday (12) and which was recently dubbed “father” by Fei Tube at home, left some of the brothers baffled.

YouTube request Joao Louise If he had thought the farmer would have bothered her. “Did you talk to him? Talk to him later,” says the professor, in which he warns that Caio will not admit to being upset when he is questioned by YouTube right after the selection.

“I know his other bracelet will be for Pocah. Maybe, then, it’ll be me. I know that, in my position, it wouldn’t put me down, “Viih Tube says.

In a conversation outside the home, Gilberto, Fuc and Caillou expressed their amazement at Viih Tube’s options. Jill comments on what he thinks I’ll be in VIP.

“I was surprised by this Xepa. I thought it would be me, you (Phuk) and Pocah. I thought Caio, at least, was going to the VIP,” says the economist.

“Me too,” says Caio. “It’s okay.” “It just makes me think I’m the third choice to vote,” the farmer continues.

Phuk was also surprised by Viih Tube’s choices, but because he thought he would be a YouTube VIP himself. “How do I deceive myself,” said the singer. Gill counters: “I already told you, baby. I opened your eyes.

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