BBB21: Tiago Leifert gets angry at Fiuk in an upheaval game; Watch

BBB21: Tiago Leifert gets angry at Fiuk in an upheaval game;  Watch

The strife game on Monday (12) was marked by a moment of rage by Thiago Leverett with one of the participants, Fuoc. The dynamic was the same as that at the beginning of the program, as the brothers had to choose their own podium and choose a platform that would “never win” reality at all.

He picked Fioch Gilberto and Tice to complete the podium, and having to choose who wouldn’t win, the atmosphere got warmer. The artist stated, “There was no one to say who would win or not.”

In the sequence, Leverett rebuked the actor, “That wasn’t the question, the question was,“ Who won’t win, that’s not the way, Fuk. ”Fuk apologized and Levert continued,“ I apologize to you. The question is: “Who will not win.” Then the presenter recalled: “Last Tuesday, I asked who is leaving and you do not want an answer, and now he is: Who will not win.”

“That’s it, Tiago,” he tried to stop Fiuk. Once again, the presenter asked, “In a way, then, do you hope Arthur doesn’t win because of the battles you fought.”

Phoc tried to relieve: “It’s very difficult for me to put words in my mouth, but you can interpret them this way.” Leifert finished: “I’m going to wear it, then. You’re hoping Arthur won’t win. Arthur is surrounded by the wall, and so are you, so you’re rooting for leaving Arthur.”

Phyuk comments on the situation in the game

After the show ends, Jill and Phuk talk about the game on the sidelines. The singer regretted his behavior. “Today I did something that I never did in a match. I always respected all the rules and all the words and today I was not kind.”

Gill agreed and added that Thiago is putting pressure on the participants, but for their sake. He does this to wake us up. “He wouldn’t earn another 10 cents to do that,” he said.

“Regardless of anything, I never ran away from the game,” said Phuk, “Deal is over, I was bad for Thaha.” [Thaís]By Thiago. I felt bad for not being able to get over it because usually I could say, “U! Stay calm, let me do what I have to do and then cry. Directions.

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