BBB21: Caio reveals how many pounds he actually lost and what caused his weight loss; Watch!

BBB21: Caio reveals how many pounds he actually lost and what caused his weight loss;  Watch!

Over the months in BBB 21, The public could not help but notice changes in the features Kayo. There was even some concern about losing the farmer’s weight. On Friday (23), in “Mesa BBB”, the penultimate young man who was removed from reality answered the number of kilograms he lost while incarcerated and explained what prompted his weight loss.

Presidents Rudson Victor and Bruno de Luca mentioned the case xepa How much weight Caio lost on the program and when Previous BBB Open up about it. “I lost 14.8 kilograms.”, From Goiás. “When I was on Xepa, I had a oxtail cucumber, I was doing it … My problem was longing and anxiety, which dampened my appetite a little bit.”He continued, who missed his two daughters and his wife very much.

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According to the farmer, another factor that made him lose weight was his factor Broken foot. “When it hurts, I fell. I no longer train, I was nervous, I was no longer eating well, I did not sleep well, a lot of medication. Even if I took a stomach condom, I lost my appetite. Seven weeks have passed with no food and nothing. My exhaust valves – Which was a swimming pool, water jet, gym – all lost. You end up staying there … Brusava and Petava. “, As he remembers, about how his opponent was Cigarette stress And in conversations with everyone.

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While chatting, Caio also spoke about his “daughter” Viih tube, Without hiding the harm by Sister’s latest positions – which culminated in eliminating it. “When I first created VIP, she didn’t put me on, and then she said,“ Wow, I felt sorry for Arthur, because he’s been on Xepa before. ”It was an explanation I said to him,“ Wow. ”Well, she stayed. There, on the wall, she went. He put me on the other wall, too. Three times? Can’t you do anything for me? I was with her, I supported her so much. “Goiano asked.

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The stronghold also regrets that it is “ridiculous”. When you look at things more carefully, you say, “I was silly and didn’t see what was happening.” Not out of hate. I did it right. It got so obsessed with not letting me see what was going on. I’m not angry about it., She continued. But, of course, Caio was upset. “I started to swallow the things I did, but I forgot what was causing me harm. She was on my podium. Say I got angry? No. But we’re getting hurt. She had many opportunities to do something for me and she didn’t.”.

The final podium

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As usual, former participants are always asked who will be in the Final, now that they are no longer home. Analyzing the entire scenario, Caio assessed: “Oh generation You have a chance to hit first. He and Joe [Juliette] He will compete for the first and second place. It’s the Arthur He has a chance to take third place. He’s someone I’d really like to be on the stage. “.

Joao Luiz and Caillou were guest hosts of the Mesa BBB program. (Photo: Wallace Carvalho / Gishu)

This was revealed by Joao Luiz, who also participated in the interview Lucas stretcher He is the hero of your dreams. “My first place is Camila. But apparently, the one who has been with me since day one. My second place is Juliet. Someone approached me. We always played a lot. We always had a very nice relationship to hang out with each other. And the third is Gilles de Vigor, Brazil. ”The professor said. Did they get it right?

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