BBB21: Arthur took a warning after talking about Foyk’s speech on the wall, criticizing the web: “He didn’t say anything too much”; Watch!

BBB21: Arthur took a warning after talking about Foyk's speech on the wall, criticizing the web: "He didn't say anything too much";  Watch!

“Big Boss” is sharp in ear tugs! This Friday (23), Arthur Take a warning in BBB 21After talking about a letter Phuk In forming a wall. The singer’s son Fabio Jr., Citing his “financial condition,” when explaining his desire to stay home this Thursday (22).

While chatting with Pocah Arthur spoke in the room about defenses Sea wall, Reflecting that he can mention his initiatives outside of reality. “He asked to stay because my project is there, I want to go back with him, he is not talking about a name … It is talking about the procedure, what I do”He began.

It continues after the announcement

That was when crossfiteiro brought up the name Fiuk. “Because just like Fyuk yesterday, Fyuk talked about the financial situation, I don’t know what… anyway. If that’s bad for him, imagine it for me?”Arthur commented, smiling slightly at the unexpected nature of the situation. He and Bokah were so astonished by the audible alarm. “Ah paper”The singer warned. Arthur’s interest, Read about the brother about the production’s “reprimand”. “You’re supposed to be smart”Funkeira replied, laughing.

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Web feedback

The production’s realistic stance on social media sparked a lot of skepticism and criticism from viewers who saw no problems with Arthur’s speeches. “That’s ridiculous, Fiuk is a participant in BBB like everyone else. Arthur hasn’t said anything much, it’s rude to see Fuk, who has it all, and says he needs to win the show for financial reasons. Arthur just made a comment that was good for what the position deserves.” “, Internet user Mika indicated. “Arthur said what everyone thought when he heard Phuk’s speech yesterday … Where is the freedom of speech in this house ?!”Another fan of the show responded.

It continues after the announcement

Many used the scene as an argument that the program was “protecting” Phuk. “You can’t talk about Boninho’s stepson.”On Twitter, Diego Alonso complained. Some also mention a similar episode to Caio who was reprimanded when he spoke about the actor last week. “I was shocked at this video, I was really so stupid with Caio, and now with Arthur, what damn can’t he talk about Phuk?”Kelvia Castillo was surprised.

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