BBB: Paula blew up Thelma after criticizing Tiago Leifert: An ungrateful plant

BBB: Paula blew up Thelma after criticizing Tiago Leifert: An ungrateful plant

Paula von Sperling, award winnerBBB 19 “Dawn Champion”b b 20“Thelma Assis, after the doctor Like a post by actor Ocaro Silva criticizing the reality show, send a message indicating Contradictions of Former TV Show Host Thiago Leverett.

In the stories posted on her Instagram profile, Paula said Thelma sent her a “hate,” accusing her ex-sister of being an “ungrateful plant” and that she was only successful because reality show From TV Globo. However, Sperling said he retains access to Thiago Networks for not having a “spit” in the dish he ate and described Ikaru’s post as “trash.”

The ‘BBB’ hero who supports such an idea and comes to say that Thiago must agree with her in acting! Where would the hypocritical hypocrisy stop? It was because the budget had increased and that was not the medicine that was saved! With a hint of “a racist mine.” If there is one thing I will never do in this life is to fail to recognize all that “BBB” has done to me and my family, and to admire this man’s insignificant post. That’s why I can still access it [Leifert] “And not you, ungrateful!”

Paula Von Sperling blew up Thelma Assis

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Yesterday, Thelma Guedes pointed out a discrepancy in the answer Send Thiago Leverett to Ocaro Silva. On her Instagram profile, Thelminha highlighted that she is grateful to her reality from TV Globo, but stated that he “won’t bow to Leifert” after his response to Ícaro, where the journalist said he “paid the artist’s salary”.

And despite Ocaro’s criticism of “Big Brother,” which galvanized the debate, the doctor argued that she saw a contradiction between the journalist’s speeches during the reality show and his reaction to the actor’s stance and against people who liked his post.

“I think he talked a lot in his speeches about acting, and about how much he’s learned from Babu, with the comb-fork, so it’s kind of a contradiction to follow the previous BBBs we know…a racist mine, and here we are, taking right to follow, but that’s what I said, if You’ve been waiting for me to kiss my ass, sorry. Super respect, thanks a lot, but no,” Thelma stated, adding that she “can’t reach” Leifert, who no longer follows Doctor on Instagram.

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