BBB: Choir Music Spawns Nonsense Between Camilla, Juliet, and Bokah

BBB: Choir Music Spawns Nonsense Between Camilla, Juliet, and Bokah

Chorus songZee Do Carucci“, from Anita e jet lag, Generated the biggest misunderstanding at the party on Friday (23). An excerpt from the song says: “A new leader is born.” PocahThen he entered the dance floor and celebrated his leadership. The rest of the brothers were dancing and I thought about it Camila e Gilberto They criticized his stance for making a certain gesture. From there the confusion was armed.

BBB: Choir Music Spawns Nonsense Between Camilla, Juliet, and Bokah. Photo: Globoplay

Pocah was upset, asking Juliet what was going on and clarifying that they had not talked about it and that it was a gesture of exchanging energy between them to win the match. Leader’s Guide. In order not to provoke a fight from there, Juliet suggests that Pocah come and talk to Camilla.

Speaking to Camilla, Pocah understood that it was all a misunderstanding:My stop stopped, which I felt, because I had walked the tram. The only problem is you said she said something she didn’t say (camila de lucas)This is Pocah.

Juliet replied:

I judged by how I was feeling. I wish I could say “You and I are missing out, let’s be leaders! I want to be leaders. It was the feeling of my heart. You (Camilla de Lucas) didn’t talk because we didn’t. You are on one side of the track, you (Camila de Lucas) are on the other side, and Bocah is on the side. “There was no time to talk,” Juliet explained.

Pocah tries to explain his view of Juliet’s position, and Paraiba interrupts it:Is this my fault now? Because I feel guiltyPocah tries to “advise” Juliet, but the participants end the conversation.

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