“BBB 24”: Wanessa Camargo loses her temper and rebels after being described as “spoilt”: “She is…”

“BBB 24”: Wanessa Camargo loses her temper and rebels after being described as “spoilt”: “She is…”

Wanessa Camargo He rebelled and lost his temper with his brother V BP24. After he called him “spoiled.” MichelleThe singer spoke on the reality show Globo.

Vanessa Camargo on BBB 24

Photo: Reproduction/Globo/Mis Novella

In conversation with Jasmine, Fernanda, Beetle and RodrigueñoWanessa admitted that she did not like her colleague's comments. “I played there, and I sat down, and I was going to make the rule that everyone said. I played and sat down on the floor. Then I said 'Ah, then I won't go, I don't know what…' And they said 'Oh spoiled', I don't like such a joke… “, I started. He continued: “Spoiled is a c*”, shot.

Wanessa mentioned that she doesn't like this kind of joke. “It was Michelle… I don't like playing with that, because it's a joke they make using stereotypes, I don't like that.” He shot his girlfriend Dolabella data.

“And I'm not spoiled at all, Fernanda, nothing. I'm here on an equal footing with everyone.” The famous cabin is confirmed done BP24.


After that, Wanessa Camargo revealed that she had bad experiences related to the word “spoiled.” “I heard the word spoiled because I am the daughter I am. In fact, when I talked about my panic, I heard a man on the radio say, ‘Poor rich girl, right? “No problem, you have to invent a mental problem.”I remembered.

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