BBB 24: Vanessa Lopez loses fees with withdrawal – 01/20/2024 – BBB24

BBB 24: Vanessa Lopez loses fees with withdrawal – 01/20/2024 – BBB24


After withdrawing from BBB 24 last Friday (20), Vanessa Lopez has forfeited any amount of money or fees that she would have received from Globo for her participation in the reality show.

Each week, the broadcaster pays a fixed amount for the length of time a person is on the programme. It's about R$5,000 per week. In other words, Vanessa gave up R$10,000, having spent 12 days in the game.

Vanessa also does not receive “remuneration, award or compensation” stipulated in the contract and related to the dynamics of the program led by Tadeo Schmidt. Aside from the financial loss, the former sister becomes a kind of “persona non grata” in attractions involving BBB 24.

As a dropout, she did not appear in the final or in the Multishow programs, as happened with Thiago Abravanel, on BBB 22, and Bruno Gaga, on BBB 23. The expelled participants, from last season, MC Guimê and Antonio Cara de Sabato on BBB 23, also suffered from this Penalties.

The rule of not receiving prizes and being excluded from any programming related to the release has been in place since the inception of the attraction. The first to abandon the reality show was Delcinio Mad Max on BBB 3, then in order Leonardo Janco (BBB 9), Kleber BamBam (BBB 13), Tamiris (BBB 15) and Alan (BBB 16).

In 2021, Lucas Penteado also pressed the raffle button and fans organized virtual crowdfunding to help him financially. By the first half of May of that year, the actor had collected R$360,000. Soon after, he ended the campaigns.

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If you breach any confidentiality condition, Vanessa and her team may also receive a fine of R$ 1.5 million for violating the penalties stipulated in the contract with Globo.

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