BBB 24: Sister wins VT, overtakes Davi and becomes the new nominee

BBB 24: Sister wins VT, overtakes Davi and becomes the new nominee

Fernanda, from BBB 24, He gained fame through his sharp responses in Senirao Last Monday (5). The sister captivated viewers and took social media by storm, showing surprising growth. She gained over 150k new followers on her Instagram profile in just 24 hours.

With this rapid increase, Nanda now has a total of 366k followers, which is almost double the number he had before the dynamic. Despite this, she is still far from being on par with the participants with the largest number of followers on the reality show. For example, Duffy has topped the rankings for two weeks in a row, but is still ahead by nearly four million Instagram followers.

However, Bahian's growth rate has slowed, as he gained only 75,000 followers in the past 24 hours. Isabelle, who came in second place, also saw her growth slow, as her number of followers reached nearly two million, and she fell in the rankings. In third place, Cunha Buranga, who escaped elimination last Tuesday (6), recorded an increase of just over 40 thousand new followers.

The number of followers is monitored through the Al-Waqiq Gateway page, which tracks each participant’s followers daily. Check numbers:

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