BBB 24 sets audience record by eliminating Yasmin Brunet · TV News

BBB 24 sets audience record by eliminating Yasmin Brunet · TV News

The elimination of Yasmin Brunet from the BBB 24 marks an audience record this Tuesday (12). Globo's reality show matched the reach of the show's second day, achieving its highest number of viewers since then. The model was released from prison with 80.76% of the votes.

According to data from Kantar Ibope Media, the attraction led by Tadeo Schmidt received an average of 23.3 points in the greater Sao Paulo area, the same as the previous record recorded on January 9. Although the wall's outcome was not surprising, fans of the reality show were eager to see Davy Brito's competitor – the front-runner for the award so far – fall.

Jasmine herself had already predicted that she would be eliminated last night and constantly told her allies. After Wanessa Camargo was kicked out of the game, the blonde asked to be nominated for the wall, as she no longer wanted to share the same environment with her rival.

Part of the audience remained on standby during the early hours of the morning to watch the debut of the new Jornal da Globo collection. Renata Lo Prete even appeared live during the BBB to highlight the news, which had a positive impact on the audience. The journalist scored 10.2 points, the second best average of the year.

Meet the Globo, Record, SBT and Band fans in Greater São Paulo on Tuesday, March 12:

Globo audience in 24-hour average on 3/12/2024 (6am/5:59am): 11.6
Globo Software court session
Good morning Sao Paulo 7.5
Good morning, Brazil 7.9
Meeting with Patricia Boeta 7.4
More from you 7.6
SP1 10.1
Globe Sports 10.5
Today's newspaper 11.0
Full of magic 12.3
Sand women 12.7
Afternoon session: A little luck 10.2
Tropical paradise 13.9
They are theirs 17.8
SP2 19.7
Family is everything 20.6
National newspaper 23.8
Reborn 27.2
BP24 23.3
Globo newspaper 10.2
BBB Newsletter 6.7
Family is everything (acting) 5.9
Go cola 4.6
Korogao: Miracles from Heaven 3.8
1 o'clock 4.7
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Record audience in 24-hour average on 3/12/2024 (6am/5:59am): 4.4
Program registration court session
Morning general balance 1.9
Morning general balance 2 3.2
Morning general balance SP 3.7
Brazil spoke 3.9
in this time 4.1
SP general equilibrium 6.6
General Balance SP 2 6.5
Promised Land 5.8
City alert 7.0
City alert 2 8.0
City alert 3 8.1
City Alert SP 8.5
Record newspaper 7.7
Jezebel 5.4
origin 5.1
Special Film Record: Traffic – Stolen Freedom 3.3
JR 24 hours 2.1
talk IM listening 1.1
religious 0.5
SBT audience in 24-hour average on 3/12/2024 (6 a.m./5:59 a.m.): 3.0
SBT programs court session
First effect 2.4
First effect 2 2.3
Come closer 2.5
the angel's face 3.2
Chiquitas 3.8
Teresa 3.2
Gossiping 3.4
Champions League: Arsenal x Porto 4.5
SBT Brazil 5.4
The childhood of Romeo and Juliet 4.4
Pollyanna's Adventures 3.8
Mouse program 3.9
Stunning cinematics: On the edge of tomorrow 3.5
the night 2.8
Operation Mosque 1.8
SBT Budnight 1.6
SBT News on TV 1.7
Band audience in 24 hour average on 3/12/2024 (6am/5:59am): 1.5
Band programs court session
Wake up Brazil 0.2
Let's go Brazil SP 0.2
Let's go to Brazil 0.2
Chef 0.3
Open game 1.1
SP game is open 2.7
Ball owners 2.4
Best in the afternoon 1.5
Brazil urgent 3.3
Brazil Urgente SP 3.6
Band newspaper 3.5
Better than the night 1.8
Beringo of today 1.7
Vikings 1.2
Night news 0.9
Carioca schedule 0.9
Total Sport 1.1
Band Sport 0.8
Band document 0.6
+Information 0.5
Journal da Band (acting) 0.6
The first newspaper 0.5
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Source: Broadcasters
Each point equates to 73,279 households in the greater SP area

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