BBB 24 Poll Shows Who's Leaving and Who's Staying on the Fifth Wall; Vote · TV News

BBB 24 Poll Shows Who's Leaving and Who's Staying on the Fifth Wall;  Vote · TV News

BBB 24 formed a pentagonal wall on Sunday night (21). Alan Dias, Giovanna Bittel, Lucas Luigi, Marcos Vinicius and Vinicius Rodriguez are vying to stay. Although there are more participants than usual, only one of them will leave the match on Tuesday night (23). Take the survey the news In this text and see how to vote now.

Before the formation of the fifth hot seat of the season, Hayek's regime was eliminated. Shortly after, the leader's test ended with the victory of Rodriginho, who took the lead for the second time on the reality show.

“Before I send anyone to the wall, I want to say that I love you all. From what I've seen here at home, I'm going to recommend Alan. We've seen it through the measure of love, as I heard. I don't have a specific group, although in my opinion I'll walk around the house. To avoid wasting votes, I'll go with Allen.”

Who voted for whom?

The vote took place in the House of Representatives in the confessional. Vinicius Rodriguez, with four votes, was the most mentioned. See the choices below:

  • Marcus Vinicius -> Vinicius
  • Vinicius Rodriguez -> Marcus Vinicius
  • Fernanda Bande -> Isabel
  • Isabel Nogueira -> Bin Laden
  • Michel Nogueira -> Lucas Henrique
  • Lucas Luigi -> David
  • Lucas Henrique -> David
  • Denizian Ferreira -> Vinicius
  • Alan Dias -> Vinicius
  • Davi Brito -> Bin Laden
  • Yasmine Brunet -> Bin Laden
  • Vanessa Camargo -> Lucas Luigi
  • Juninho -> Giovanna
  • Giovanna Beitel -> Marcus Vinicius
  • Mateus Amaral -> Juninho
  • Raquel Cardoso -> Denizian
  • Lady Ellen -> Vinicius
  • Bin Laden -> Marcos Vinicius
  • Giovanna Lima -> Fernanda
  • Beatrice Reis -> Lucas Henrique
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Show counterattack

Due to the stipulated dynamics, all four top candidates have the right to launch a counterattack to form the pentagonal wall:

How is BBB 24 voting now?

Share in Vote on the poll on BBB 24's fifth wall Below and watch the partial update, with the now-disputed percentages of who stays home:

Click here to open the survey

On Globo's official website, the public has two voting options: Único, one for each CPF, and Torcida, which allows the combined effort to vote as many times as they want. The final result, which Tadeu Schmidt will announce on Tuesday (23), is based on the average of the two methods.

poll the the news It's not scientific in nature, but it depicts a trend among Big Brother Brasil viewers.

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