BBB 24: Nizam's reaction to Alan's vote: 'A stab in the chest' | BBB

BBB 24: Nizam's reaction to Alan's vote: 'A stab in the chest' |  BBB
Nizam and Alan talk after forming the wallVideo Reproduction/TV Globo

Posted on 01/20/2024 at 10:02

Rio – After the wall was formed, Alan opened the match and revealed to Nizam, during a conversation outside the “Big Brother Brasil 24” house, on TV Globo, that she was one of the seven people who voted for him. The brother, who was in the spotlight with Giovanna Beetle and Raccolo, was moved to tears and said the dancer “stabbed him in the chest.”

“I told everyone, you know? The only person I won't vote for is you, because that would go against my principles. Something tells me you'll vote for me, my hunch is right,” Nizam said. “I just wanted to save myself from the wall,” the sister explained.

“I'm not upset, I'm frustrated. You're playing the game. I can't play this game you're playing… That's right, you agreed,” the international account executive said. Alan, who apologized to her brother, said: “We did not agree.” “Excuse me? You stabbed me in the chest, from the front, not even from the back.”

The dancer said during the vote that “in order to move forward” in her life and “to save herself from the wall,” she would vote for the regime. His second vote was for Raquel. On the other hand, Nizam voted for Isabel and Rakolo.

After the conversation with Alan, Nizam spoke to MC Bin Laden. The brother, whose name is Yasmin Brunet, said: “Do you see how life is? Let's be honest, look who voted for me, Alain, my father.” “So you understand that humans are bad. She was the one who voted for me, okay? So you can learn,” he said.

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Allan justified her vote during a conversation with Matthews and Denizian. “I swear to God that for the first time in my life I did not put a man in front of me. I will be proud of that.”


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