BBB 24: Lucas will intervene in leader Beatrice's decision in Baredao after his victory in Poder Coringa

BBB 24: Lucas will intervene in leader Beatrice's decision in Baredao after his victory in Poder Coringa

On Saturday morning (9) Lucas won the Coringa Power Championship BP24. This will allow him to intervene in the decision Beatrice who beat Davey in the Commander Endurance Test Which lasted approximately 16 hours.

The Professor made the highest bid for the “absurd” power, which would allow him to manipulate Paredão.

Benefit conflicts with “Leader's goal”Which Beatrice specified on the live program on Friday (8). At that time, Sister Jasmine set her sights on Brunet, Beetle, Fernanda, Raccolo and Giovanna. Therefore, one of them must go to Baridao.

With this power, Lucas will need to rescue one of the sisters, with the exception of Jasmine, who cannot be invincible under any circumstances due to the score she received on the Commander's Test. She was the third eliminated in the feud.

In fact, the model is the main target of Beatrice, who announces that she will put it on Paredao. Your second choice would be Giovanna from Minas Gerais.

Please note that Lucas also received a score on the leader test It is already on Paredão.

What will Paredo look like?

The owner of Poder Curinga, Lucas will begin the formation of Paredão by rescuing one of the sisters found in “Mira” for Chief Beatriz.

After the Seller's nomination and the House's vote in the confessional, the Sister immune to the Joker's power must nominate someone into the spotlight.

Lucas, the recipient of the most votes by the council and the person nominated by the immune participant, competes in the Patti e Volta test. Whoever wins will escape from Paridao.

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