BBB 24: Find out who Fernanda is considering vetoing the leader test

BBB 24: Find out who Fernanda is considering vetoing the leader test

BBB 24: Fernanda reveals the criteria for vetoing the leader's test and its possible goals; paying off! (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Today, Thursday (8), Fernanda revealed the strategy she will use to choose the “BBB 24” brothers who will not participate in the leader test, if there is a veto. Previously, the confectioner had already considered, along with Rodriginho, MC Bin Laden and Bittle, some of the potential names that should be left out of this week's feud.

“Denisian, Davy and Allégret”He pointed to the pagodero. “We'll take care of the rest”Beetle added. “Because he [Matteus] It goes with gas too, right? He has gas in the chest*. Looks like he's going to put Nitro up his ass. He takes it and goes. He goes!”, Fernanda's analysis. The funk singer also confirmed that he and the confectioner would be targets of the opposition group. Watch the video below:

In a conversation with Wanessa on the balcony, the sister told the reasoning behind her choices, if she could really object to any participant. “If there is a veto, for example, of beauty, I will object to the people who I think are strong and the people who I have a direct conflict with, I will not object, because I think the other is stronger.”It was reported, according to the gshow website.

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Fernanda and Wanessa Camargo talking on the balcony. (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

“But this is the one who wins. Isn't it always like this? The person I have a personal problem with is the one who wins. You have this chance. Fate makes these pranks.”The leader continued. “I will veto anyone I know who votes for me first. Someone I know votes directly.” Wanessa said.

Fernanda agreed with the singer and added: “Especially since the person we think is the strongest today is part of the group that votes for me. Even though I know I'm not his first choice, I can become one because of his group. Like this.”.

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