BBB 24: Davey's wife gives sharp response after brothers comment on couple's age difference; He watches

BBB 24: Davey's wife gives sharp response after brothers comment on couple's age difference;  He watches

BBB 24: Davey's wife gives sharp response after brothers comment on couple's age difference; Watch (Photos: Clone/Instagram; TV Globo)

This Wednesday (24), Davey was once again the topic of conversation between the “BBB24” brothers. While in the living room, participants commented on the app driver's relationship with his wife, Manny Rijo. In addition to mentioning the detained man's financial situation, they also brought up the age difference between the couple.

It all started with a discussion they had in the bathroom with Davey about how much to spend on a first date. “If I had R$1,000, I would get there and spend the normal limit, because tomorrow is there, and tomorrow can come. And when tomorrow comes, will I be difficult?question. “And what is the limit?”He confronted the brothers. “I'll get there for about R$70 or R$100.”The driver said.

“I'll tell you one thing, the person who wants to do everything alone stays lonely. If you don't have the pleasure of praising your things and enjoying your accomplishments with the people you love, you'll be lonely.” Giovanna fired. “I won't be alone because I don't have money to give. I have affection, love, respect and care. A woman cannot be subjugated by money. A man may not have a single Brazilian dollar in his pocket, but if he has the talk, he's gone.”David replied.

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Ms. Eileen recalled the topic and told the other participants how David had said he would spend the money. “He said that if he had R$100 and was going out with someone, he would just spend R$50 and take another R$50.”She said. Giovanna interrupted and said that her brother's comment was different: “If he has R$1,000, he will take R$70.”

“But it didn't start like that. [a conversa]It started because he asked Bea if hair was expensive. [Ele disse] “I got my hair cut for R$20, how much do you charge to get your hair done?” 100 Brazilian Real? I don't pay.' So I said: 100 Brazilian reals? Kat, if you go to get my hair done, it will cost you about R$200 more. Then it developed. “I don't pay, I don't pay.” I said: This is how you die single. Then he said, “Oh, no, wait, I don't have to pay anything to anyone.” So, if you're broke, go to sleep.”The sister continued.

The brothers then discussed the age difference between Daffy and Manny. “Now, ask how old his wife is.”Giovanna said. Luigi then said that Manny is 42 years old, while the participant is 21 years old. “She's already an experienced woman. So, in a way, she already has a steady income.”The brother added. “You got it, Giovanna, you got it. 'The angel who breathed here, breathed there'Beetle said.

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Later, Giovanna discussed the topic again in the fairy room with the other participants. “Shove it up your ass”she said, after reiterating the amount Davey said he would spend on the meeting.

After commenting on the situation on social media, Devi's wife spoke out. “Tell him or her I don't have the money.”He mentioned. “Because she does not know that I am poor in money and rich in love. Davey and I get up early to work hard!Manny answered.

David's wife's comment on the situation. (Image: clone/Instagram)

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