'BBB 24': Beatrice wins a themed party with a talent show! The brothers introduce themselves but Fernanda refuses: “You don't have to.”

'BBB 24': Beatrice wins a themed party with a talent show!  The brothers introduce themselves but Fernanda refuses: “You don't have to.”

After winning – for the second time – the endurance test, Beatrice He won a new themed party to celebrate his leadership in “BBB24”. If previously the sister chose to honor her time as a saleswoman at Brass, this Wednesday (13) she won a reality talent show called her own show! Pia, who sparked controversy with her talk about tampons, had fun and even got the other participants to pitch… not all of them, of course.

Beatrice becomes an anchor for one night

The leader's party was fully decorated with items representing theatre, television and digital content productions. Beatriz was given a space bearing the phrase “Brasil do Brasil”, her famous slogan, sofas for interviews, and she was able to feel like a presenter for a few hours! At the beginning of the celebrations, the model was animated through a text she wrote herself and was displayed on one of the panels in the outdoor area.

After the “Beatrices” (screams, hoots, twirls, hair flips…), the brunette decided to get creative and take advantage of the scenario to play a talent show. “We will learn about different cultures, a lot of culture, music, beauty and diversity that exists in Brazil!” said the woman from São Paulo, very excited.

After that, some brothers participated in the match. The first was nowShe performed a dance on the stage set up by the “BBB 24” production team. after, Isabelle He taught the “presenter” some dance steps. Lucas “Buddha” I wanted to be funny (we'll pretend to be laughing here!) and I imitated a lady practicing capoeira, with difficulty.

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David He sang the song “Tá Escrito” by Grupo Revelação, while pretending to play an instrument. Matthew I also danced Lady Elaine that it Giovanna Together they perform as the fictional duo Bad and Even Worse. These guys are creative, aren't they? Raquel that it Beetle Share also. The baker made desserts for the leader's experiment and the social worker taught her how to make cakes!

Fernanda refuses to perform at the chief's party

A beautiful and calm atmosphere swirls under the atmosphere of the reality show, but it has not been transmitted to everyone. At a certain point during the performances, Beetle asked Fernanda: “What are you going to offer?” “Nothing,” replied the Niteroi citizen, short and blunt. “You'll have to introduce yourself, I guess,” the social worker said, perhaps thinking the production wouldn't take kindly to the wolf's attitude. However, the baker was categorical: “You don't have to.” Jeez!

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