BBB 23: How is the match between Bruna and Gabriel after Tadeo Schmidt’s warning? – 01/23/2023

BBB 23: How is the match between Bruna and Gabriel after Tadeo Schmidt’s warning?  – 01/23/2023

For the first time in its history, “Big Brother Brasil” warned participants about abusive relationships. Focusing on the implications of the talks between Bruna and Gabrielle, Tadeo Schmidt was direct and forthright. The presenter said: “Those who are involved in a relationship may not realize it, they may think it is normal. But those who are on the outside can see when it is about to seriously cross the line.” “Gabriel, in a romantic relationship, certain things that can’t even be said as a joke.”

Immediately, the model apologized to the actress and said he was worried about her family. Afterwards, they both decide to step aside as a precaution, until the dust settles. It is rarely a fileBBB“Make challenging interventions like this that give the participants a subtle dimension to what was going on here.

Obviously, there will be ramifications within the game. For example, Bruna, who is going to be targeted by some colleagues, needs to get a break. For some inmates, by the way, she is supposed to become the favorite actress of the moment, because she was the victim of a sad situation. It is important to stress the following: the column here does not advocate the use of a serious cause as a game tool, but only an assessment of potential repercussions between participants.

For Gabriel, the situation could get even more complicated. By understanding that the model was the executor of the situation, his rivals may begin to see him as a card outside the deck, someone who is easy to eliminate. She has a great chance of becoming, therefore, a favorite target in the next poll.

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No matter which direction the game takes, it’s essential to understand that “BBB” made history by bringing up an important topic of discussion.

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