‘BBB 21’: Thaís Braz comments on ‘Plant’ fame: ‘I did my best’

‘BBB 21’: Thaís Braz comments on ‘Plant’ fame: ‘I did my best’

Left tay poo ‘BBB 21 “titled” The Plant, “which is a meme he started inside Reality show. Which dentist was Tenth deletion from the program, She says the nickname caused her to fall back on a lot at first.

“A lot happened in the first three weeks and I started supporting a lot at the beginning. I started receiving plant emojis on the affinity scale and this made me upset,” he said in a live broadcast of Quem magazine.

“I didn’t want to be a vegetarian. That was something that bothered me and people realized. And then they started calling me that. I took it as a joke and thought otherwise.”

“So I said,“ If I were the factory, I’d be the factory. ”If I had this sticker, I’d be the best.

“I realize I did my best to escape the wall. I donated myself to the tests, I was open to meeting people. I have my conscience free.”

He said, “What made me hold back was not the fear of being a vegetarian. It was the energy of the house. All the problems I had been having. I was even afraid to go to every party, because every end was crazy.”

In another conversation with Quem, Thaís stated that if I was sad about not having support to deal with a problem caused by the insecurityBut he stressed that he was happy to have the courage to put his face on “BBB”.

“I was sad because people were mean about it. It’s just a way to talk because of my stress, the insecurity. They are starting to generalize my whole life.”

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“Just because I wasn’t able to be assertive in life and clarity in ideas, they called me stupid. They asked me how I graduated. It hurts. I fight for my dreams, one thing I am is courage …”

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