BBB 21: Arthur mocks Bolsonaro’s phrase: “ history of the athlete ”

BBB 21: Arthur mocks Bolsonaro's phrase: `` history of the athlete ''

Last night in the kitchenBBB 21Gilberto asked Arthur if practicing CrossFit helped his brother better dedicate himself on auditions. reality. The capixaba, in turn, mocked a phrase used by the president Jair Bolsonaro To answer the question.

It’s not even a Crossfit, man. Because CrossFit is a plant I’ve known for three years, you know. It was my history, let’s say a phrase that got popular there, that was my history of an athlete.

Arthur raised the laughter of the other brothers in the kitchen. He was referring to one of the moments when Bolsonaro reduced the spread of Covid-19 in 2020, arguing that if he contracted the new Coronavirus, he would only feel a “small fist” because of his “sporting history”.

Soon after, the camera showing the room changed the pictures and started showing the bathroom shower. On social media, reality fans commented on Arthur’s speech and cut-in-camera.

Camila de Lucas said: “I don’t understand.” Then Arthur explained: “A famous man in the country said that because of the athlete’s history he did not catch the virus.” In the same conversation, the brothers were having fun having Thiago Levert appearing on the big screen of the house to inform approval of the impeachment of the President.

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