BBB 2022: Proving a leader requires extreme resistance and the weekly dynamics will create a fierce wall

The leader’s test requires maximum resistance and the weekly dynamics will create a fierce wall at BBB 2022 (Photo: Reproduction/Globoplay)

Thursday (24) program started a little later thanks to the soccer match between Brazil and Chile in the World Cup qualifiers. Thaddeus Schmidt Show the dynamics of the tenth week of BBB 2022 The Commander’s Endurance Test has begun.

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As usual, the angel immunizes a person and the leader will be able to send someone directly to the wall, without any chance of surviving. This time, the two most votes in the sect would go to the wall.

The person with the most votes is entitled to a counter-coup. If there is a double tie for first place, they go to the wall and indicate the fourth name unanimously, in recognition. If, in this case, the tie is a triple, the leader saves one and the remaining two will also have to decide. If the most-chosen score alone and the runner-up are tied, the leader breaks the tie.

BBB 2022

How about the 10th Leader BBB 2022 exam?

The 11 contestants on the reality show will need to stick to lipstick at all times, on their platforms. Whoever falls into the foam puddle is out of competition for the top spot. As obstacles, this place inclines, descends and ascends; In addition to facing wind, cold, heat and rain.

Unlike the last stress test, trapped has no time limit. In short, time will be determined by the big winner – or winner – of the competition.

Fortunately, the participants were selected in the following order on the platforms: NataliaAnd the LucasAnd the SloveniaAnd the Douglas SilvaAnd the Lyn da QuebradaAnd the JiseilanAnd the Arthur AgyarAnd the EliezerAnd the Pedro ScoobyAnd the Gustavo And the Paulo Andre.

None of them could hold lipstick with their legs; as well as sitting and kneeling on the platform; And use another person or lipstick other than your own to lean on. Tado told Schmidt that although it wasn’t removed, he couldn’t use acrylic as a backing, because it could break and it wasn’t made for that.

The presenter also allowed them to squat and leave their hands free, although he does not advise them to do so, because the structures go down and up without any warning.

paying off:

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