AWP | Paw in CS2: Review, Design, Price

Counter-Strike has always been at the forefront of the competitive gaming scene, and its latest iteration, CS2, is taking the gaming world by storm. With various exciting changes, including dynamic smoke mechanics and revamped skins, one item that has caught the attention of many is AWP | Paw. 

CS2, a New Era of Counter-Strike

The recent launch of CS2 sent shockwaves throughout the gaming community. Valve promised an array of exciting changes and upgrades. One standout feature is the introduction of the dynamic smoke system, which has added a layer of realism and unpredictability to the game. This makes smoke grenades behave more realistically, ultimately reshaping tactical strategies within the game.

AWP | Paw: A Closer Look

Awp paw is one of the most sought-after weapon skins in the Counter-Strike universe, and its presence in CS2 has only cemented its status. Let’s explore the evolution of this iconic skin and how it differs between CS:GO and CS2.

Design in CS:GO

In CS:GO, AWP | Paw featured a distinctive multicolor scheme with a cute dog pattern throughout. Its unusual design made it a fan favorite among AWP enthusiasts.

Design in CS2

CS2 has taken AWP | Paw to the next level in terms of design. The skin now boasts enhanced textures and a more lifelike appearance. The dog print is more intricately detailed, with subtle shading and reflections that create a more immersive experience. The color scheme remains consistent with its CS:GO counterpart, retaining the iconic black and orange hues.

Price Comparison

As of now, pricing data is scarce. However, based on historical trends in the CS:GO market, we can make an educated prediction regarding the price of AWP | Paw in CS2.

  1. CS:GO Price (Before CS2 Launch): AWP | Paw in CS:GO was quite a cheap skin that you could buy for less than $10. Its eye-catching design made it a collector’s item for many players.
  2. CS2 Price Prediction: With the transition from CS:GO to CS2, it’s reasonable to expect that the AWP | Paw’s value will increase, possibly by 20–30% or even more. The enhanced design and the overall excitement surrounding CS2 are likely to drive up demand for this iconic skin.
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Best Places to Buy and Sell

If you’re looking to acquire or trade AWP | Paw in CS2, it’s crucial to know where to find the best deals and ensure a safe transaction.

  • Official Marketplace: CS2 skins can be traded at Steam’s official marketplace, the Community Market, where players can buy and sell skins safely. This is usually the most reliable and secure option.
  • Trusted Third-Party Websites: If you prefer an external platform, make sure to choose reputable websites with a history of successful transactions and positive reviews.


An excellent option for trading skins is DMarket. It not only offers a secure marketplace for skin trading but also allows you to convert your virtual assets into real money. This unique feature sets it apart, making it an attractive choice for gamers looking to monetize their skins.

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