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American Rana Ryder, one of the main coaches in world athletics, is under investigation on suspicion of sexual misconduct. The trainer has become a target of the American Center for Safe Sports, an independent organization that investigates allegations of sexual abuse, according to Britain’s Guardian newspaper.

Ryder has become famous and respected in the world of athletics for training many athletes who have achieved impressive results in recent years. The latest case of Canadian Andre de Grasse, the 200-meter Olympic champion at this year’s Tokyo Games. Another superstar that Ryder has already trained is Christian Taylor, a two-time Olympic champion and four-time world triple jump champion.

According to the British newspaper, Ryder has been the target of “multiple” allegations of sexual misconduct received by the American Center for Safe Sports. The organization even suggested that the athletes end their working partnership with him, as had happened with British athletes, in the case of Adam Gemelli and Daryl Netta. Both trained with Ryder at his base in Florida.

The concern was confirmed by the UK Athletics Federation, UK Athletics. “As part of UK Athletics’ commitment to ensuring that appropriate behavior is consistent across the board, with no exceptions, we have completed additional due diligence as questions have been raised about UK athletes support staff. SafeSport Center has said that several complaints of sexual misconduct have been raised. A lawsuit is filed against coach Rana Ryder and that an investigation in the United States is imminent, and the UK athletics team has suggested that UK athletes be trained by him to end all relationships until the completion of this process.”

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In connection with the Guardian report, the coach said he was not aware of the allegations. “You can call my lawyer because this is new to me,” Ryder said. Coach defender Ryan Stevens told the British newspaper there was no evidence.

“SafeSport has not issued any notifications to Rana. The timing and suspected motives associated with these unconfirmed attacks on Rana’s reputation must be fully investigated and scrutinized, which has not yet occurred,” Stephens said.

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