At a meeting, Pope Francis defended Biden’s continued receiving Communion

after meeting Pope Francisco This Friday (29), chief United StateJoe Biden reports that the Pope told him he was a “good Catholic” and that he should continue to receive the Eucharist.

Biden revealed some details of his long conversation with the Pope while he was receiving Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi in Rome.

The Pope met on Friday in the Vatican. The meeting of Biden, members of the US government and the Pope lasted about 90 minutes.

When asked if he had discussed the abortion issue with Francisco, Biden answered no. The US President has been in Rome for the G-20 meetings since yesterday.

“We just talked about how happy he is that I am a good Catholic and that I am still receiving the Eucharist,” Biden said.

American bishops presented a plan that would allow individual bishops to refuse communion to politicians who support abortion rights. Francisco took a stand against the movements.

Asked if he had discussed the American Bishops’ Conference with Francis, Biden said, “This is a private conversation.”

Biden said he did not receive the sacrament on Friday, but the Pope blessed his rosary.

US President Joe Biden and US First Lady Jill Biden during a meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Friday (29) / Photo: Reuters

He added that he had discussed climate change with Francisco and agreed that leaders “need more accountability” in dealing with the crisis. Earlier, Biden said he and Francisco prayed for each other and for peace.

(This text is translated. To read the original text in English, click here)

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