At 90, Palmerinha surprises Anna Maria Braga on Sunday with Huck TV News

At 90, Palmerinha surprises Anna Maria Braga on Sunday with Huck TV News

Ana Maria Braga received a surprise on Sunday (22). A guest on Domingão with Huck, I was touched by a video message from Palmirinha Onofre, a culinary artist who started on TV thanks to Note e Anote, led by Anna en Record. In addition to her, the audience was also influenced by the 90-year-old chef.

“I miss you Annina. I miss you! You are amazing, congratulations. You are a woman warrior. Thank you for the affection you gave me when I worked with you. I know you are now in São Paulo. Coffee with you, but you can let me take the cake.” grandma paliminha Palmerina said in the message.

Owner Mais Você also took the opportunity to pay tribute to her colleague. “I’m so proud! I love Palmirinha. She was a woman in her sixties on my show in Record. She was willing to do anything. Palmirinha is such a beautiful story, she was reinventing herself from that prospect. She won the TV show, I was so happy She was creating her character, this amazing and delicious person,” emphasized Anna.

Palmirinha also melted the hearts of netizens, who were glad to see her on TV. Check out the message from the cook and some feedback from netizens below:

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