Astronauts take a video tour of Boeing's spacecraft

Astronauts take a video tour of Boeing's spacecraft
Photo: Daniel Cassetta

Starliner | Astronauts take a video tour of Boeing's spacecraft

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a Starliner spacecraft looks like? Boeing
? One way to find out is by looking at the video of the spacecraft published on Saturday (8), in which the astronauts appear from NASA Barry “Butch” Wilmore and Sunita “Sonny” Williams take you on a tour of the pod that transported them to… International Space Station (International Space Station).

they Arrived at the orbital laboratory on Thursday (6)
. However, because the spacecraft's system does not support live streaming, they had to wait until docking with the International Space Station to use the microphones and cameras available there.

The sequence begins with Butch filming Sonny, which briefly shows some laboratory modules entering the International Space Station. “Let's go to the Starliner, as there were some events that day,” she added. Sunita and Butch then take turns controlling the camera to show the interior of the ship and its controls.

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Check the video:

Throughout the sequence, they show the location of the bags containing emergency supplies, an oxygen mask and other items. “It's actually quite spacious for me and Sonny,” Wilmore noted.

“We are very happy to be on the International Space Station with our international partners. “It is truly incredible to show off our new Starliner spacecraft, and it shows that we can bring people here, and that we hope to take more and more people to the station,” commented Sonny. “It is an amazing event that humans are orbiting the planet, and now we have several ways to bring people here,” he concluded.

The duo must spend eight days on the International Space Station. If everything goes well with the CFT mission (short for “Crew Flight Test”, or “manned space flight”, in the literal translation), the Starliner will receive a certificate to carry out the mission. Long-duration space missions in the orbiting laboratory

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