As a result of saving yourself who can revolt against Thiago Fragoso’s mother-in-law

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The endings given by Daniel Ortiz to his characters in Save yourself who can They have split opinions since yesterday (Friday, 16), when the final chapter of the plot aired. On social networks, there were complaints about the conclusions of love triangles in world news releases.

One of the dissatisfied with the end of the plot is Sheila ElizabethActor’s mother-in-law Thiago Fragoso. She went to the social networks of her daughter-in-law, Mariana Vaz, to criticize the fact that Kira (Vitoria Strada) chose to break up with Thiago’s character, Alan, to end up with Rafael (Bruno Ferrari).

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Fragoso, of course, was keen to thank his children’s grandmother’s “support”. “Mother-in-law, thanks for the fans! I love you!He melted. However, Sheila made it clear that her complaint wasn’t just familial favoritism.

I love you, Jinrao! But it wasn’t just crooked. They chose to end That For Me, a TV series since 1910, that never had a dramatic role. Depressed. The TV series was excellent! Exciting final chapters. For me, not having Alan and Kyra together was xoxo‘, vent.

between lovers Save yourself who canThere was a high expectation that Alan and Keira would end up together. But with the author’s decision, for the girl to finish the story with Raphael, Tarantino’s father (Daniel Rangel) had Happy ending Insinuates with Julia (Sofia Abrahu).

With information from journalist Adriel Marques on the portal im off.

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