Artificial intelligence makes GTA V graphics very realistic

Artificial intelligence makes GTA V graphics very realistic

Although we’ve seen many examples of artificial intelligence making games look better in recent years, a project by students Stephen R. Richter, Hassan Abu al-Haija, and Vladlin Colton at Cornell University present an impressive approach to ‘GTA V game“.

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nicknameRealistic Image Enhancement Enhancement, Technology left the game with very realistic graphics.

The video demonstrates that when applying a different artistic technique to images using machine learning techniques, the results are often unstable, which means that there are strange artifacts appearing and reappearing in frame by frame, which reduces the realism of the results.

With this new approach, the displayed effects do not display any of these artifacts, because in addition to processing the images directly from Rock starIn, the neural network also uses other data that the game can access, such as the depth of objects in the scene, and information about how to manipulate and render lighting.

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