Ari Peixoto Says Goodbye After Globo’s Resignation: ‘Leave Grateful’ | Fabia Oliveira

Ari Peixoto Says Goodbye After Globo's Resignation: 'Leave Grateful' |  Fabia Oliveira

After being fired from TV Globo with the company for more than 30 years, Ari Peixoto sent colleagues a farewell letter. In it, he is grateful for everything he built during the time he worked on Marinho Channel and remembers moments from his career. Check out the full text below:

“As I usually say, in 1987 I got married twice. In April, with Globo, and five months later, with my wife, Katya. And for those who think the comparison is strange and meaningless, I remember there were times when I spent more time at the station From home.Anyway, parallel relationships that have always been manageable.But today, one of these relationships, the oldest, has ended, and I say goodbye to Globo leaving through the same door I entered 34 years before, I leave feeling like I’ve hit the target Which I set for myself from day one here, which is to work and grow professionally.International Correspondence (Latin America and the Middle East) I’m proud of what I’ve done, because I’ve always been doing This is how I learned from my dad: Honestly. I’ve had a victorious history within this company. And above all, with love., as the saying goes, “Those who do what they like do not have to work even one day. A… “It was the same with me.
I leave grateful that so much of what I’ve built, both personally and professionally, owes to Globo. These are the new times. Anyway, as I said there, my relationship with Globo ends today. A hug to those who stay, my cell phone is the same until one day.”

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