Argentines Martinez and Buendia returned to England via Croatia, avoiding mandatory quarantine

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Emiliano Martinez and Buendia, two of the four Argentina players involved in the controversy over breaching anti-Covid security protocols before the match against Brazil, which ended in suspension on Sunday, have been released from the national team in agreement with coach Lionel Scaloni. . They did not face Bolivia on Friday and will return to England. Aston Villa athletes will return to Europe via Croatia, before passing through Madrid, to avoid mandatory 10-day isolation in a hotel in England for those returning from the red-listed countries. Already Lo Celso and Cristian Romero remain with the choice, but they should be punished by Spurs for the episode and traveling without releasing the club.

The information about the return via Croatia was given by Alejandro Martinez, Emiliano’s brother. He said players from Argentina were supposed to travel to Croatia on Monday to avoid a mandatory 10-day hotel quarantine upon their return to the UK from one of the red list countries. “They will travel to Croatia to be quarantined there and then head to England,” Alejandro told the radio. Oral sports.

Conditions set by Aston Villa. The Argentine Football Association revealed that Martinez and Buendia were released from the national team, unlike the Tottenham players. But when Lo Celso and Romero traveled to the playoffs without the London club’s approval, both would be penalized once they returned.

Buendia was the only one of the four involved in the controversy who did not start the match with Brazil. Martinez started the match against Venezuela and was on the field in the five minutes that were played at the New Coimica Arena.

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A direct flight from South America to England could mean confinement to the Aston Villa husband in a government-approved hotel. Staying in a country on the Green List means they can train and get to Birmingham without going into quarantine.

Both will lose Saturday’s Premier League game against Chelsea, but could play in the next round against Everton. The waiver would not be related to a violation of protocols in Brazil, but to an agreement with Scaloni.

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