Argentine court suspends labor reform proposed by Miley

Argentine court suspends labor reform proposed by Miley

The interim decision is referred to the Appeals Chamber; Trade unions objected to the Argentine president's package

The Argentine Labor Court on Wednesday (January 3, 2024) suspended part of President Javier Miley's economic package, known as the DNU (Decree of Necessity and Urgency) and dubbed by opponents as the DNU (Decree of Necessity and Urgency). “decree”. The decision affects measures related to the labor reform proposal presented by the Liberals and the Argentine Federation tax. The information is from Clarin.

The judges of the National Labor Chamber decided to issue a precautionary measure in this process, temporarily suspending the implementation of the Miley Decree on labor issues. The text will now be presented to the Appeals Chamber.

This decision will remain in effect until a final solution is reached. This procedure was initiated by the CGT (General Workers' Centre).

Among other measures, Decree (complete – PDF – 425 KB) It puts an end to the so-called “solidarity taxes”, which is a collection tool for unions that sets mandatory reductions for all workers in the activity, whether they are affiliated with the union organization or not.

Miley's proposal was to have companies offer workers the choice of whether to contribute to a union or not.

With the court's decision, salaries will once again be subject to union tax deduction on a temporary basis, until the Appeals Chamber discusses this measure.

Miley also identified an increase in the trial period to 8 months, participation in demonstrations as a legal reason for dismissal from work, and changes to the compensation system for professionals who leave the company.

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The judge of the National Labor Chamber, José Alejandro Sodera, justified the decision by warning that it is not clear how the labor reforms proposed by Miley, if applied immediately and outside the normal process of approving laws, can solve the problem of formal job creation.

On the day the economic super package was announced, demonstrators in Argentina staged riots in Buenos Aires and other cities in the country. The protests gathered ⅕ the expected audience.

Package Miley

Package is defined as “The first step to ending decadence” Decades in the country: “The country was on its way to collapse with inflation reaching 15,000%.”. I signed on to DNU to dismantle the oppressive legal framework that has brought decadence to our country..

Among the repealed laws are:

  • Gondola law – Forcing supermarkets to display products made by small companies at low prices in regular consumption categories on shelves;
  • Rent law – Regulated real estate rental negotiations, and in its latest version, contracts prohibited in dollars;
  • Law of supply – Allowing the government to take measures regarding prices, such as setting maximum values ​​and penalizing companies that increased prices without justification.

The decree also opens the possibility of changing Argentine clubs into SAFs (soccer joint-stock companies) based on internal votes among members.

“It is just a first step. In the next few days we will call extraordinary sessions of the National Congress and send a package of laws asking Congress to cooperate to advance this process of change.”“Miley said.

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